Blazing Fast Internet Just Got Turbocharged

100% Fiber is Better Than Ever in Crawfordsville!

Thanks to Accelplus, Crawfordsville is one of the few places in the country with a sophisticated fiber optic infrastructure that's far superior to a cable-based system. When Metronet pulled into town, they made a significant investment to build upon this foundation, enhancing Crawfordsville's fiber services and its capabilities even further. So now, you'll enjoy more speed and features whether you're switching from cable or you're a current Accelplus 100% fiber customer:


With Metronet, the standard Internet speed in your Triple Play Bundle is 50/25 Mbps—that's probably twice the standard speed from your cable provider—with speeds up to 300 Mbps available! And you'll never again experience those frustrating slowdowns. Plus, you'll get stunning HDTV with all your favorite channels and better features. All for a value that cable can't touch.


With Metronet, you'll have the option to save money on a plan similar to your current plan. OR, get even more for your money! Like, more Internet speed—up to 300 Mbps! You'll also have access to new IPTV features like Whole Home DVR and Video on Demand. Plus, NEW VALUE BUNDLES simplify your bill and offer UNBEATABLE VALUE.

Questions about the transition from Accelplus to Metronet?

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  • Blazing-Fast Fiber Internet

    Blazing-Fast Fiber Internet

    Nothing compares to the speed of Metronet's 100% fiber Internet. Unlike cable, 100% fiber is delivered directly to your home. So, get reliable, consistently fast speeds—up to an amazing 300 Mbps—24/7, with no slowdowns.

  • Stunning Fiber IPTV

    Stunning Fiber IPTV

    Enjoy amazing picture quality with all your favorite channels and On Demand programming. Plus, get exclusive extras like Whole Home DVR, which lets you record up to six shows at once and watch them on any TV in your house.

  • Crystal Clear Fiber Phone

    Crystal Clear Fiber Phone

    With 100% fiber you'll get amazing, crystal-clear call quality and an always-reliable connection, plus all the features you could possibly want—starting with 1,000 free long distance minutes.

  • Friendly Customer Service

    Friendly Customer Service

    With 100% fiber from Metronet, you get more than amazing Internet, TV and phone. You'll also get the kind of exceptional customer service that can only come from people who live and work right here in your community.